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Micah Landeros


Micah Landeros
Student Spotlight (2020)


My name is Micah Landeros. I come from a low-income family and I am a first generation college student.  Because of certain conditions my siblings and I were living in we were taken by the system and placed in foster care. Because of my situation, it has been difficult to rely on others and get the guidance that I needed to have a successful and stable life. However, I was able to persevere through all of the challenges that came with being in the system thanks to the bond I share with my siblings. At Norco college I am a mentor and student ambassador for the Phoenix scholars Program (they support foster youth) and soon I will be transferring to my dream school, Cal State Chico University. I want my siblings to know there is a bright future for them. Where the people in my life such as my parents, foster parents, and social workers failed me, the EOPS program helped me. EOPS guided me towards my goals and helped me achieve them when nobody else would. They made sure I had all of the knowledge and tools I needed to be successful. If EOPS did not exist I would not have made it through the first stage of my college career. To all of the EOPS staff and student employees, thank you for all of the support.