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Liseth Vega


Lizeth Vega

Norco College Alumni Spotlight (2020)

Lizeth Vega is an alumnus of Norco College who transferred to UCR and is now working at the City of Riverside. Lizeth talks about the financial help she received at Norco College that enabled her to get her education:

"My name is Lizeth Vega, and I was born and raised in Riverside. I came to Norco College and transferred to UCR, and while I was at UCR, I ran for school board for Alvord Unified School District. I became an elected official about two years ago in 2018. And then I finished my Bachelor's in business administration and I'm currently working at city hall in Riverside, City of Riverside. I work for a council member, Councilmember Steve Hemmingway."

"One of the reasons I came to Norco College was because I couldn't afford going straight to a four-year university. So the financial aid really helped me because I didn't have to worry about working full-time and doing school full-time with trying to transfer. The financial aid helped me with books and pay for my classes, and I was able to work on campus as well, but it wasn't full time, so I was able to dedicate more time to my studies and to really getting involved on campus."

"Investing in Norco is investing in our community because the people, the students that come here they live in the area and they're here to get earn a certificate or an AA or to transfer and when they accomplish those things we grow as a community and we become better as a whole."



Giving Week 2020 - Lizeth Vega