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Lailah Bezan


Lailah Bezan

Student of Distinction (2021)

Political Science

"The reason I chose Norco (College) is because we moved to Corona, so it was the closest one, and also I kind of like it better than RCC, because I like how it's smaller so then you can connect with your professors more and they can pay more attention to you, so I prefer Norco."

"I am a Political Science major and I intend to go to law school...I think at UC Berkeley, if I get in, in the first place. I want to become a child advocacy lawyer, and maybe down the line, become a law professor. I just really want to help people. I've always wanted to do that, and I know that the best chance that me being able to help people is to get a good education and give me more power in order to help them effectively."

"I had a great experience at Norco. The time that I was here in person was for one semester and that was my first semester of college ever, and I had professors that I really connected with who wanted to help me succeed, who I got to know on a personal level. They have been really focused on helping me achieve the things I want to achieve, and they've been giving me good advice. They've really been there for me even more than I think my high school teachers so I really appreciated that."

"Well, I would like to thank Professor Christine Jun for first off nominating me and also for teaching me in the first place. Otherwise, I wouldn't have the opportunity. She's taught me a lot about other places in the world and issues of social justice that have inspired me."


Student of Distinction: Lailah Bezan