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Fernando Salas


Fernando Salas


Student Spotlight (2020)

My name is Fernando Salas, I am a first-generation college student from Corona, California. Born in Mexico, I come from a low-income family. I lived in Mexico up until I was 8 years old. Living in Mexico, my living situation was tough not only for me but for my whole family. Nobody in my family has ever attended let alone graduated from college or even high school. It was a big step for me when I graduated from High School because I knew that I was setting a great example for my siblings and cousins, but due to my social and economic status, college was a far long achievement. But thanks to DACA, I was able to enroll in Norco college and have the opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams. Once I started Norco College, it was hard to navigate the college system because I couldn't ask anyone in my family. I was the first one to attend college and had some struggles in my first semester. Once I started to get involved at Norco college I was able to learn about clubs and programs that are designed for students to achieve their goals and succeed in their educational life. I joined Men of Color, whose main goal is to promote higher education in the Latino and African American communities. Also, joining the EOPS program, helped me succeed in my educational goals and they have helped me become a successful college student, which if it wasn't for the program, I wouldn't be here today. This upcoming month I am going to graduate from Norco College and receive my associate's degree. Also, I'll be attending Cal State Fullerton this upcoming fall. The EOPS has been very helpful and I owe all my gratitude to them. Thank you to everyone in the EOPS program.