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Edwin Duarte


Edwin Duarte

Norco College Veteran Spotlight (2021)

Edwin Duarte, Norco College student and veteran, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship and named the 2020 Student of the Year by the American Council on Education (ACE). The national scholarship was awarded based on service members who have benefited academically or professionally from the use of ACE credit recommendations. For the full article, please visit

As one of the leaders on military credit for prior learning in CA, Norco College continues to utilize the Military Articulation Platform (MAP) to evaluate credit recommendations by ACE which are then further reviewed by our local faculty to determine potential course articulations against our existing college curriculum. Through this process, a total of 3,317 military occupations and courses have been entered in MAP that are at various stages of evaluation.

Some of our MAP milestones include:

  • 19 Norco College courses that have been articulated to 169 military occupations and 22 military courses
  • 2 Norco College certificate programs, Digital Electronics and Industrial Automation, have been fully articulated
  • 15 service members (and counting) who have been awarded a total of 218 units through MAP
For more information about MAP, watch the video below or attend one of our workshops!

MAP Workshops flyer