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Daniel Miranda


Daniel Miranda

Veteran Spotlight (2020)

Daniel Miranda is a veteran of the U.S. Army and a student at Norco College. He shares why he chose to come to Norco College and how it is a military friendly institution known as "Best for Vets":

"I was in the military. I joined in 2014 and I was in for four years but I got out and decided I needed to come to school and I came to Norco. I went to a different college before and I didn't like the experience. It wasn't... It didn't make me feel at home. It was too big, too. It was a lot going on, and I didn't feel like I was being taken care of as an individual. It was more as being taken care of as mass, but when I got to Norco College, it was a whole different experience. People were telling me, 'You need to come here. They treat veterans correct. Everybody's nice to you,' and I came over, and I've been here for three semesters now, so they're pretty good."

"I've had several challenges coming out of the military - one of them financially. I was worried about being able to financially take care of myself while I was going to school. Another one was integrating back into civilian life, but Norco College gave me both those things as soon as I got here. As soon as I got here I was able to join the Veterans Club, meet a bunch of new veterans, get to know the people, be part of the community, and then I was also able to get a job with the Veterans Center, which was amazing because they helped me out so much, taking time for myself and actually working on myself instead of having to rush and work and not being able to take care of myself."

"Norco College has done a really good job of treating me well as an individual. Students are the future and itself it becomes an investment if you invest in the students because they're part of this community and they will wound up becoming members of the society that help contribute instead of hurt so it's better to help them up and lift them up and give them the tools that they need in order to succeed in their lives and in order to succeed in our community."


Giving Week 2020 - Daniel Miranda