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Daniel Burbank


Daniel Burbank

Veteran Spotlight (2015)

Daniel Burbank is a veteran who served four years around the globe as a turbine and diesel mechanic. He discovered the Supply Chain Technician specialization while working in Veteran Services at Norco College and later landed a position at a Home Depot distribution center, via the college employment placement center.

Before Burbank came to Norco College, he worked a warehouse job he was forced to take after failing to find a position that fit his skill set. Less than two years later, Burbank is back working in a warehouse, but this time as a supply chain technician at Intelligrated, a provider of intelligent automated material handling solutions. He is part of a team that sorts over 100,000 packages delivered daily and continues to utilize his GI bill to further his education at Norco College.

“I’m excited for the number of opportunities the supply chain technician field will provide to veterans,” said Burbank. “For me, it has been refreshing to be able to combine my military knowledge with new technology.”