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Brandalyn Bredehoft


Brandalyn Bredehoft

Student of Distinction (2021)



"I chose Norco College, like I said, because it seemed like the logical choice. I've been in Norco for 20 plus years now. I wanted to be close to my family but I also knew that Norco College was a good school, and that it would allow me to stay close to home and also begin my educational career."

"At first, I actually started out as a history and anthropology major, and, eventually, as I became a tutor and started tutoring in English, I realized that I wanted to pursue English more, so I finished up my degrees in anthropology and history, since I was so close to them anyway, and then I switched over to English. And I decided that because I love tutoring so much and I really find it fulfilling to help other students in their education I wanted to use that degree to become a teacher."

"Norco College, specifically, has helped me preparing for my educational journey because of the community. Being a tutor in the LRC is a big part of that. Everybody that comes to the LRC - the tutors and the students alike - are all there because they want to succeed, so everybody in there is just one big community that helps everybody else strive for their best."

"I mean, (Professor Nikki Capps) nominated me, and for that, I love you. I love you so much, and I want to thank you so much for all your support over the years. You taught me how to become a tutor, and that's really what has helped me get here today. And I've found so much fulfillment in this line of work. Your support has always meant so much to me, but on top of that, I also want to thank the rest of the English faculty because, over my years being a tutor, I've worked extensively with a lot of the English faculty, and I've come to see the amounts of support that they are they're constantly giving me. They're always they're always more concerned about how the students are progressing through their education."


Student of Distinction: Brandalyn Bredehoft