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Burhan Alestwani


Burhan Alestwani

Norco College

Alumni Spotlight (2020)

My name is Burhan Alestwani. I am a Norco College Alumni and a senior at Cal Poly Pomona pursuing a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. I started at Norco College as a Math and Physics tutor at the Learning Resource Center. I was awarded at Norco College the Southern California Edison scholarship for academic excellence and participation. Once I transferred to Cal Poly Pomona, I got more involved in projects and extra curricular activities. I joined the Bronco Motorsports Formula team as a member trainee. Within the team I assisted in designing various circuits that were implemented directly on the car. I also worked with multiple professors on different projects using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) boards in fields related to encryption and image processing. As a challenge last summer, my colleague and I decided to design and build an Inductive Charging Autonomous Rover on our own. I also received multiple awards this year including the Chevron and the Boeing scholarships from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.