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Al Cattouse


Al Cattouse

Norco College

Alumni Spotlight (2020)

Al Cattouse is an alumnus of Norco College and is currently attending USC with the goal of obtaining a law degree. He talks about how a scholarship helped him with books when he was at Norco College and how he plans to become a donor in the future:

"I am an alum of Norco College. I graduated in 2019. I was a social and behavioral studies major. Right now I am currently at USC pursuing a law degree. I'm a senior. I got one more semester after this semester."

"So when I first decided to come back to school, you know, and I'm married, and you know, we had a two-income household. So when I decided and I told my wife like hey I want to go back to school she was like well you know we're gonna have one income now and I was like well it'll be worth it because when it's all said and done I'll be back. But I didn't anticipate school being so expensive. So books were expensive, paying tuition was expensive, and when I realized that there's that there were scholarships out there. Like for instance, there was a book scholarship that I applied for because one semester books were like $900 and I was like okay how am I going to pay for this? Everything was science and math. And I applied for the book scholarship and I actually got it. And it helped me get the books so I could stay in school to pursue and continue to go forward in my endeavors to you know graduate from college."

"I told myself you know when everything's said and done and I finally graduate and I come back and I talk to students at Norco, I want to be a donor because I know that people think like well you know my little $500 wouldn't help whatever but actually it does. We want the first-time donors to get involved because we want them to see that when you donate this is the reward that you get. You get students that are thriving, and that are succeeding because they get the help that they needed."


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