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Ria Shiv

Ria Shiv

Norco College

​Alumni Spotlight (2020)​

My name is Ria Shiv. I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Google. I transferred to UC Berkeley from Norco College in 2017 as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019. While a student at Norco College, I was a participant in the STEM Scholars Program, a Supplemental Instruction Leader for math and a STEM tutor for all levels of math, physics and computer science. I was also a part of Circle K Club at Norco College where I did alot of volunteer work. During my time at UC Berkeley, I was a board member of Robotics@Berkeley. I also did an internship at NAVSEA (the Naval Base in Corona). Other than work, my hobbies include dancing, painting, swimming and traveling the world.