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Raul Gonzalez

Raul Gonzalez

Norco College

​Alumni Spotlight (2020)

I grew up in a traditional Mexican family. My mom an dad supported me through my adolescent life by working hard. I thank them for that every day. My story is like many others that I have met along my journey. It was with great sacrifice that I was able to accomplish my goals but the motive has always been to have a better life. I am a Norco College Alumni who participated in the STEM Scholars Program then transferred to San Jose State University as a Mechanical Engineering Major. I participated in SOLES and MEP. I received my Bachelors’ in Science in Mechanical Engineering in June 2019. While attending SJSU I had the good fortune to have two Mechanical Engineering internships one with Aixtron, Inc. and another with Eugenus Inc. Just prior to graduation, I was hired at Plasmatreat North America as an applications intern, and since June 2019, I have been​ an Application Engineer with Plasmatreat.