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Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson

Norco College

​Alumni Spotlight (2020)

My name is Matthew Johnson and I am an alumni of Norco College and the STEM Scholars Program. My major is Computer Science and I transferred to UC Santa Cruz in 2017. While at Norco College I spent a lot of time with friends at the STEM Center and was a STEM tutor and SI Leader (math and computer science) for two years. While at UC Santa Cruz I continued tutoring computer science and performed undergraduate TA duties as well. I participated in 2 internships while I was attending UCSC, both with a company called SurveyMonkey. If you have taken a survey online before, chances are you used SurveyMonkey at least once. My first internship with them was in the summer of 2018 as a QA Automation Engineer at their San Mateo office. I basically wrote software / tests that would automatically run instead of manually sitting there and reviewing code to make sure it worked. In the summer of 2019 however I chose to take an internship as a Software Engineer up in SurveyMonkey’s Portland office. Upon graduation, I took a full time position with SurveyMonkey as a Software Engineer in their Portland office on their Customer Success Engineering team. I chose Portland because I strongly believed I wanted to live there, and it turns out I made the right choice as I live here now and love it!