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Go Ito

Go Ito

Norco College

​Alumni Spotlight (2020)

Go Ito is a Senior Science Integration Analyst at The Walt Disney Company. He joined the Disney Decision Science and Integration team as the only member without a graduate degree since the establishment of the team in 2011. Having his theoretical statistics background, he utilizes the power of data science to quantitatively analyze and propose business strategies in the media industry. His current project concentrates on the optimization of Disney's Broadway Live Action marketing strategy based on time series analysis. Prior to joining the Walt Disney Company, Go earned a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Minor in Mathematics (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of California, Los Angeles in June 2019. He transferred to UCLA from Norco College in 2017. He worked as a STEM Tutor and taught Physics and Mathematics for a year. Go's objective in the next 5 years is to pursue to a PhD program to research on spatio temporal statistics and optimization, with potential applications in the fields of urban planning, geopolitics, crime study, transportation, resource allocation, and hazard study.