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Student Services Program Review

Student Services Program Review is a collaborative goal-setting and assessment process designed to help improve and refine student services. It is intended to be flexible, collegial, relevant, practical, and should result in a clear sense of direction and accomplishment for participants. All Student Services undergo self-study as part of a process that results in a comprehensive assessment of institutional effectiveness. The linkage between program review and strategic planning is fully operational. Thus, resource allocations and planning for each unit will be directly impacted by this plan. Student Services updates their program review document annually. It is anticipated that the same format will be used and updates should require only minimal editing.

Program Review Data

Program Review Templates


Program Review Rubrics

Completed Program Review Documents

Admissions and Records 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
​Assessment Center 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-15
​Athletics 2018 (CPR)
CalWORKS 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Career and Job Placement Center 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Counseling 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Disability Resource Center 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
EOPS-CARE 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-15 2013-142012-132011-12
Health Services 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-13
​JFK Middle College High School 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-15
Matriculation 2012-132011-12
Outreach 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Puente 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Student Activities (now called Student Life) 2013-142012-132011-12
Student Employment 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Student Financial Services 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
​Student Life 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-15
Student Support Services (SSS) 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Student Support Services - RISE (SSS-RISE) 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Talented Tenth Program (T3p) 2014-152013-142012-13
Transfer Center 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Upward Bound (CNUSD) 2011-12
Upward Bound - Centennial 2018 (CPR)2015-162014-152013-142012-13
Upward Bound - Corona 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-13
Upward Bound - Norte Vista 2018 (CPR)2016-172015-162014-152013-142012-132011-12
Veterans Services 2018 (CPR)​2016-17​2015-16​2014-152013-142012-132011-12
ALL STUDENT SERVICES DEPARTMENTS 2010-112009-102008-092007-082006-07