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Comprehensive Instructional Program Review
Comprehensive Instructional Program Review, occurring approximately every four years (based on a rotation in which ¼ of the units report each year), focuses on each discipline’s courses, pedagogy, assessment plan, and future goals and objectives related to the improvement of student learning.

The normal timeframe for the Comprehensive Instructional Program Review process is one academic year. The process consists of three major steps:

  • Revision Process
  • Review Process
  • Publication and Discussion of the Findings

Program Review Data

Program Review Documents

Program Review Templates

Program Review Rubrics

Completed Program Review Documents (After 2015)

Accounting 2017
Administration of Justice 2017
Anatomy and Physiology 2017
Anthropology 2017
Art 2016
Biology (with Health Science and Microbiology)
Business Administration, Management, and Marketing 2016
Chemistry 2017
Computer Information Systems & Computer Science 2016 2015
Communication Studies (formerly Speech Communication) 2015
Construction Technology 2016
Early Childhood Education 2017
Economics 2015
English 2016
English as a Second Language 2016
GAM (Simulation & Game Development) 2016​ 2015
Geography 2017
Guidance 2015
Health Science (with Biology and Microbiology) 2017
History 2016
Kinesiology (formerly Physical Education) 2017
Library 2015
Manufacturing, Machine Shop Technology, Supply Chain Technology, Electronics 2016
Mathematics 2015
Microbiology (with Health Sciences and Biology) 2017
MIS - Music Industry Studies (formerly MUC - Commercial Music)
MUS - Music 2017
Philosophy 2017
Physics 2016
Political Science 2017
Psychology 2015
Reading 2016​
Real Estate 2017
Retail Management 2017
Sociology 2015
Theater 2016
World Languages