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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

As a means of achieving Strategic Goals, the College adopted Strategic Planning Processes to ensure that institutional planning, unit/program review, and resource allocation are all fully integrated. These Processes, the Strategic Planning Implementation Process and the Norco College Prioritization Process, are incorporated into the Strategic Planning Cycle.

  • Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement and Success
  • Goal 2: Improve the Quality of Student Life
  • Goal 3: Increase student access
  • Goal 4: Create Effective Community Partnerships
  • Goal 5: Strengthen Student Learning
  • Goal 6: Demonstrate Effective Planning Processes
  • Goal 7: Strengthen our Commitment to our Employees
Norco Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan & Process

Norco Facilities Master Plan
Facilities Master Plan

Norco Distance Education Plan
Distance Education Plan

Norco Tech Plan
Technology Strategic Plan

Student Equity Plan
Student Equity Plan

Integrated Plan
Integrated Plan

Strategic Planning Newsletter
Strategic Planning Newsletter

Fall 2017