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Strengthening Transfer in Engineering and Matriculation- (STEM) 2 Pathways

This five year, $6 million dollar federal Title III Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) STEM grant will enable Norco College to create pathways in Civil, Mechanical, Computer and Electrical Engineering resulting in articulation agreements to local universities. The grant will also support K-14 community partnerships, pathways, and curriculum alignment. The STEM Center will continue to support the STEM Scholars and Engineering Pathways Programs.

Grant Abstract

For the past decade, California has been among the top five states for employment of degreed engineering professionals (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). State projections anticipate 5,700 new engineering jobs will be created by 2022, placing great need on California colleges and universities to educate an adequate workforce to meet burgeoning demands. 

Enrollment rates among Hispanic and low-income students at NC have increased significantly over the past 4 years. The most recent data available indicates that while the total student population has remained relatively stable, student populations for Hispanic and low-income has increased exponentially. Enrollment for students who are both Hispanic and low-income increased by 315% from 2011-2015. Similarly, the number of full-time enrolled students who have declared majors in STEM disciplines has increased by 205% within the same time period. 

The design of (STEM) 2 Pathways is appropriate to, and will successfully address the needs of the target population. 

The goals and expected outcomes of (STEM) 2 Pathways are the following: 

(1) Accelerate success and completion in mathematics course sequences; 

(2) Strengthen engineering pathways and increase enrollment in engineering transfer degrees for underrepresented populations including Hispanic and low-income students.; 

(3) Increase retention, transfer and career preparation of students in engineering pathways; 

(4) Increase collaboration with middle and high schools, 4-year colleges/universities and STEM industry partners. 

Partner Institutions: Alvord Unified School District (USD), Corona-Norco USD, and University of California, Riverside

The proposed project directly addresses both HSI STEM absolute priorities and competitive preference priority regarding data-based decision-making. Project design and evaluation is based on the USDE’s conceptual framework of evaluation for project services. Evaluation design provides for the timely collection of both quantitative and qualitative data that supports data-driven decision-making. Faculty training is provided in how to use data to determine effective strategies for improving student success.

For more information, contact: Dr. Lorena Newson, Project Director,