​​Mustang of the Month


​Mustang of the Month

Mustang of the Month is designed to highlight employees that exemplify Norco College's core commitments mentioned below.

Nominations are solicited from Norco College employees. The college president will select a recipient each month whose achievements fit the criteria.​​

​Award recipients will receive corral bucks and college-wide recognition.


Core Commitments 

Access – Be accessible Norco College Be a Mustang Manifesto
Equity – Be equity minded
Student Success – Champion and celebrate student success
Expertise – Be an expert in your field
Mutual Respect – Practice mutual respect with a belief in personal dignity
Collegiality – Be an excellent colleague accepting different perspectives with respect
Inclusiveness – Be inclusive
Integrity – Model integrity by maintaining an open, honest, and ethical space
Quality – Be a person of quality in all things
Environmental Stewardship – Foster environmental responsibility
Innovation – Innovate, inspire & seek creative solutions
Civic Engagement – Engage and listen to the Norco College Community

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​​Mustang of the Month February 2021

​Dr. Burnett is a true champion of students, her nominator writes “Dr. Burnett is a tireless advocate not only for our students, but for the next generation of Mustangs. She has served as a faculty leader in countless roles, providing expertise for our college and on statewide Early Childhood Education committees.” I am proud to recognize Dr. Burnett for her leadership in countless roles, for bringing in grant revenue, supporting Distance Ed, and for her unwavering vision for Stokoe as the future home of our NC students. Most recently, Dr. Burnett was invited to be a part of Design Team for the California Commission for Teacher Credentialling Pilot, in which we will identify a Quality Peer Review process for the new CA Early Childhood Education (ECE) Teacher Performance Expectations. Norco College and its students both current and future could not ask for a fiercer advocate than Dr. Burnett.

​​Mustang of the Month January 2021

​David was selected for his passion and dedication to student success through the engagement and career centers, his work in student onboarding, student employment, career centered counseling, and the Norco College Success Network. His nominator writes, “Guided Pathways can prove to be a difficult puzzle to put together but he is able to put the pieces together and then help explain the reasoning in a way that people understand and become motivated.” They go on to say that despite his busy schedule, David makes time to listen to students and colleagues in need of his assistance, “he is one of the most thoughtful and hardworking individuals I have ever met.”​

​​Mustang of the Month December 2020

​Polly is truly an asset to the college, her nominator writes that “she has been an integral part in ensuring the success of our FTF microbiology lab classes this semester during COVID safely and with excellence.” With mutual respect, inclusiveness, dedication, integrity, and excellence, Polly “maintained a kind, friendly deposition with open communication about the course lab organization, supplies needed and equipment. Microbiology Lab courses this semester would not have been a success without her.” Thank you, Polly, for your tireless dedication to our students and your colleagues.​

​​Mustang of the Month November 2020

​Daren is recognized for his exemplary efforts to transition tutorial services online.  His nominator writes that Daren “set everything up so that our students could easily access tutors and has continued to work tirelessly to make sure staff, faculty, and students have what they need in order to be successful and maintain best practices.”  In true Mustang fashion, “Daren goes above and beyond, always with professionalism and a positive attitude! He's just all-around an awesome, competent person, and Norco College is lucky to have him.”

​​Mustang of the Month October 2020

​Lenny embodies the mustang spirit and our core commitments each and every day. Lenny’s nominator tell us that “you will always find a smile on his face as he works tirelessly to ensure our website content is accurate and accessible to students.” It is well known throughout the college that his follow-through is impeccable! Lenny makes himself accessible for a multitude of technical questions and, as many of us have experienced, he patiently guides us through the troubleshooting process.​

​​Mustang of the Month September 2020

​Dr. Hitchcock has a wonderful passion for students. She demonstrates remarkable collegiality as a leader, mentor and inspiration to colleagues in the Arts, Humanities and World Languages Department. Dr. Hitchcock provides amazing opportunities for training and support to Associate Faculty in the World Languages Program. Her students benefit from her global experience, expertise and compassion. Norco is wonderfully enhanced by Dr. Hitchcock's service and integrity over the past two and a half decades in the Riverside Community College District.

​​Mustang of the Month August 2020

Alex’s nominator writes, “Alex is student centered personified. He is all about helping students reach their goals. I have never seen him in a bad mood or not focused on genuine human interaction. He is an example to all of us.”

Alex goes above and beyond to be the kind of person who seeks to lift up our students and help to shepherd them along the path. As a first generation, RCCD Alumnus, and accomplished scholar, he overcame life’s challenges to be the successful public servant he is today. We are fortunate to have Alex as a member of our Mustang community.​

​​Mustang of the Month July 2020

​Over the last two years Sean Davis’ tireless efforts have had a profoundly positive impact on the Umoja and Norco College communities. As a result of his meaningful and innovative outreach, both on and off campus, the Norco Umoja community has surpassed 250 active, engaged participants - all leaders in training. He is a true servant leader who puts students' needs above all else by making himself accessible to students nearly 24/7. He is a gifted and natural teacher and counselor, exuding grace, empathy and care for anyone he interacts with.​

​​Mustang of the Month June 2020

Charise has been instrumental in several important projects and challenges the college has been faced with. Among those proje​cts, she used her organizational skills to facilitate the cataloging of over a 1,000 pieces of evidence for our accreditation visit going above and beyond to pave the way for a successful visit. Charise also assisted with the remediation of many documents to help our students and faculty adjust to the online environment in record time.

​​Mustang of the Month May 2020

Michael is an amazing advocate for our faculty and students, especially with respect to online education. He matches grace and compassion with expertise and hard work. Not only is he dedicated and excellent in the classroom, but he is a wonderfully collaborative and engaging leader.

​​Mustang of the Month April 2020

Gail has been a pillar of Norco College and Riverside Community College District for 32 years, serving in many different leadership roles. 

In the words of her nominator, “Dr. Zwart is awesome. She is a great communicator who is transparent in planning and teaching.” 

Gail embodies the Norco College spirit by modeling the core commitments.
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