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​​​Gregory Aycock
Dr. Gregory Aycock
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
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​​​Miriam Carrillo
Miriam Carrillo
Director, Upward Bound​
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​​​Jessica Cobb
Dr. Jessica Cobb
Director, Next Phase Program​
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​​​Michael Collins
Dr. Michael Collins
Vice President, Business Services​
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​​​Mark DeAsis
Mark DeAsis
Dean, Enrollment Services
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​​​Ashley Etchison
Ashley Etchison
Director, Strategic Development, Marketing
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​​​Greg Ferrer
Dr. ​Greg Ferrer
Director, Disability Resource Center
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​​​Kevin Fleming
Dr. Kevin Fleming
Interim Vice President, Strategic Development
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​​​Marshall Fulbright
Dr. Marshall ​Fulbright III
Dean of Instruction, School of Arts & Humanities and School of Social & Behavioral Sciences​​
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​​​Maria Gonzalez
Dr. Maria Gonzalez​​
Director, Student Financial Services
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​​​Monica Green
Dr. Monica Green​​
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​​​​​Mark Hartley
Dr. Mark Hartley
Dean, Student Life
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​​​​Tenisha James
Dr. Tenisha James
Dean, Student Services
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​​​Albert Jimenez
Dr. Albert Jimenez
Director, Lear​ning Resource Center​
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​​​Sergeant Kleveno
Bob Kleveno
Sergeant, Norco Police​​
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​​​​Samuel Lee
Dr. Samuel Lee
Vice P​resident, Academic Affairs​​
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​​​Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall​​
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Daniela McCarson
Daniela McCarson
Dean, Special Funded Programs
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​​​​Colleen Molko
Colleen Molko
Dean, Grants
​D​evelopment & Administration
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​​​Debra Mustain
Dr. ​Debra Mustain
Dean, Community Partnerships & Workforce Development
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​​​Damon Nance
Damon Nance
Dean, Library and Learning Resources
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​​​Gustavo Oceguera
Dr. Gustavo Oceguera
Dean, Student Eq​uity​
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​​Jason Parks
Dr. Jason Parks
Dean of Instruction, School of Business & Management and School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
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​​Valorie Piper
Valorie Piper
Program Director, National Center for Supply Chain Automation​​
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​​David Schlanger
David Schlanger
Director, Career Center​​
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​​Maureen Sinclair
Dr. Maureen Sinclair
Director, ​Dual Enrollment and College Transition​
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Kaneesha Tarrant
Dr. Kaneesha Tarrant
Vice President,
Student Services
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​​​Launa Wilson
Launa Wilson
Executive ​Director,
RCCD Foundation
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