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Accreditation 2014 Timeline


May 2012 Steering Committee formed and meets
Summer 2012  Guidelines for self-evaluation (including planning items and evidence) presentation developed
August 31, 2012 Half-day planning retreat for steering committee (incl. writing assignments, review of guidelines, etc.)
December 2012 First drafts of self-evaluation sections submitted for review and editing
Winter 2013  Review and initial editing of self-evaluation drafts
February 2013 Draft of self-evaluation sent to ISPC
March 6, 2013 ISPC review of draft
May 2013 Second drafts of self-evaluation sections submitted for review and editing Deadline for initial submission of evidence First COTW reading of draft
Summer 2013 Review and editing of self-evaluation draft
Review of evidence
Aug/Sept 2013 Half-day retreat of steering committee to review status of self-evaluation and plan for final revisions (first Friday after start of classes)
October 2013 Final drafts of self-evaluation sections (incorporating information from annual Program Reviews and other last-minute changes) submitted for final review and editing Evidence for each descriptive summary collected and properly labeled
November 2013 Submission of final draft of self-evaluation to President’s cabinet and Chancellor’s executive cabinet Second COTW reading and approval of self-evaluation
December 2013  Board of Trustees approval of self-evaluation Evidence is finalized Self-evaluation sent to printers for publication
Jan/Feb 2014 Self-evaluation submitted to ACCJC
Spring 2014  Accreditation visit