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Permits and Fines
Automobile Permits Cost
Fall Semester  $50
Spring Semester  $50
Summer Intersession    $25
Staff Carpool Fall/Spring  $35
Staff Carpool Summer Intersession  $15
Motorcycle Permits Cost
Fall Semester  $15
Spring Semester  $15
Summer Intersession  $10
Fines Cost
No permit/permit not properly displayed  $45
Metered parking (not paying meters)    $45
Parked Outside Marked Stalls   $45
Parked in RESERVED parking   $45
Parking Against Red Curb  $50
Permit Not Valid This Lot (Wrong Lot)   $45
Parked in HANDICAPPED/DISABLED spot   $340
Parked in fire lane  $45
Expired Vehicle Registration   $65
Parked in a CARPOOL Spot   $45
Exceeded the Posted Time   $45
Fraudulent/altered permit  $215
Possession of lost or stolen permit  $215
Booting fee  $45
Blocking disabled space  $340
Blocking disabled hash marks  $340
Misuse of disabled placard  $340
No carpool partner  $35


All fines are assessed a $32 late fee and an $8 DMV lien fee after 60 days if the citation is not paid or if it was not contested within 21 days!