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Golf Cart Program

FootPrints Requests

Golf carts will be requested in FootPrints (only accessible within RCCD's network) by selecting golf cart in the category section. Please select the golf cart type that you will use in the symptom section. For additional details please write them in the maintenance request section, including the time and days you will be utilizing the golf cart.


Check-In / Check-Out Procedures

Golf carts and their chargers will be housed at the Operations Center.  Each day, the golf carts can be checked out by the person submitting the request beginning at 8am.  To check them out, a log out sheet will be signed and the key will be issued by Facilities.  The golf carts should be returned by 4pm.  If anyone in Facilities is not available for check in, the departments should utilize the key drop box located at the Operations Center.  With the exception of Health Services, NO golf carts are to be out on campus overnight. 

Maintenance and Upkeep Procedures

Routine maintenance will be performed every three months. The Maintenance staff performing the maintenance service to each golf cart will fill out the golf cart maintenance check list form.  Golf carts will be washed as needed.  The check in/out log, maintenance schedule and maintenance forms will be kept together in a binder by the Facilities Office.
If an issue exists with any golf cart, please contact Ana Molina in the Facilities Office.  Funding of all repairs and maintenance purchases, will be the responsibility of the Facility Department. Typical battery life is 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I request a golf cart if I don’t have access to FootPrints? OR
     What about if I need the golf cart as soon as possible and don’t have time to submit a work order.

A. You are welcome to contact the Facilities Office at (951)372-7120 or email to check on the availability of the golf carts. If there is a golf cart available, you can pick it up right away at the Operation Center building, Facilities Office.