Norco Campus​​

​M​ission & Core Commitments

Mission Statement​ 
Norco College inspires a diverse student body by an inclusive innovative approach to learning through its pathways to transfer, professional, career and technical education, certificates, and degrees. We are proud to be a pivotal hub for scholarship, arts and culture, dynamic technologies, and partnerships. Norco College encourages self-empowerment and is dedicated to transforming the lives of our students, employees, and community.

Vision Statement
We will change the trajectory of our students’ lives. We will stimulate academic, economic, and social development in our service area. We will build a comprehensive institution with the capacity and programming to serve our entire area.

Core Commitments
Norco College is dedicated to following a set of enduring Core Commitments that guide it through changing times and give rise to our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals. 

  • Access: Providing open admissions and comprehensive educational opportunities for all students.
  • Equity: Engineering and sustaining an environment where student success is realized by all groups with proportionate outcomes.
  • Student Success: Being an institution that places high value on the academic and personal success of students in and outside of the classroom and where meeting student needs drives all decisions regarding educational programs and services.
  • Expertise: Committing to ongoing improvement of teaching, service and leadership as core institutional skills.
  • Mutual Respect: Belief in the personal dignity and full potential of every individual and in fostering positive human values in the classroom and in all interactions.
  • Collegiality: Being a supportive community that is distinctive in its civility, where the views of each individual are respected, humor and enjoyment of work are encouraged, and success is celebrated.
  • Inclusiveness: Embracing diversity in all its forms — global as well as local — and creating a supportive climate that encourages a variety of perspectives and opinions.
  • Integrity: Maintaining an open, honest, and ethical environment.
  • Quality: Achieving excellence in the broad range of academic programs and services provided to students and to the community, fostering an environment of inquiry, learning and culture, and providing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Being mindful of the impact we have on the environment, as individuals and as a community, and fostering environmental responsibility among our students.
  • Innovation: Valuing creative solutions and continuing to seek inventive ways to improve instruction and service to students and to the community.
  • Civic Engagement: Being fully engaged with the local community by listening to needs; establishing programs and partnerships to meet regional needs; forming alliances with other educational institutions to create a continuum of educational opportunities; and communicating information about Norco College programs and services to the external community.