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Identity Standards

Branding Identity

The importance of Norco College’s brand identity is paramount. The goal is to ensure the qualities identified in the brand identity statement are projected consistently in every item produced by the College. The graphic identity represents the image of Norco College and is the cornerstone in all communication efforts. This message must remain clear, singular, and consistent to build the identity which will differentiate Norco College from other colleges.

The Brand Positioning Statement
Norco College is an innovative community college focusing on programs in emerging technologies within industry and the arts. Our supportive faculty and staff are proud to offer competitive academic and career technical programs in an accessible environment. We are invested in the success of our students and the communities we serve.

As a newly accredited college, Norco College must begin to differentiate itself from how it was initially identified. It will take time to establish Norco College as an independent entity so that each time a constituent comes into contact with the brand, they will form the correct association as to who we are. As a newly named institution, it is vital that our new brand ties into our history of educational excellence and that it reflects our continued relationship as part of the three college system of Riverside Community College District. Therefore, what a constituent sees must be consistent each and every time the Norco College logos are used so that there is no confusion as to what Norco College is: an accredited higher education institution

25 Years
Silver Anniversary Logo



The Logo

The Norco College logo was developed by a team of Norco College personnel. It depicts the focus on emerging technology and the innovation found here as exemplified by supportive staff in an accessible environment. It is made up of two components: the hand-lettered name Norco which doubles as the College symbol and the word College which is the endorsement of the District and our accrediting body. The components are always placed together in this manner and should never be altered in any way or reproduced in any other way unless prior approval is gained by college administration. The proportions and colors should never be altered. This is the primary college logo and should always be the first choice in any publication. Norco College Logo


The Mark

The Norco College athletic and school spirit mark is made up of the rearing mustang with the logo type. This mark is intended for athletics, student activities, and other uses to promote school spirit. It is not appropriate for academic or business use. The proportions and colors of the mark should never be altered in any way. Norco College Mark


The Seal

The Norco College Seal may only be reproduced in the official Norco College burgundy or black. It may also be foil stamped in silver, gold, or bronze foils or used in a blind embossed format. The minimum height when foil stamping is ½ inch. The seal can be reversed when printed on a dark color background. The seal can be printed as a watermark behind official Norco College documents such as transcripts. When screening the seal for a watermark, it cannot be screened back further than 90% of official Norco College burgundy or black. Norco College Seal



The signature colors for Norco College are a critical element in fixing a consistent and recognizable look for the Norco identity. The primary color for the logo is burgundy. The logo must always be reproduced in this color or in black and white

RGB: R-135, G-36, B-52
CMYK: C-31, M-95, Y-72, K-31
Pantone: PMS 202
RGB: R-0, G-0, B-0
CMYK: C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-100
RGB: R-255, G-255, B-255
CMYK: C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-0

Style Guide

This style guide has been developed to be an easy-to-use reference to ensure consistency in the use of Norco College's graphic identity. This guide will provide examples of how to use the logo, mark, and seal in both internal and external applications. Clear examples of how to use the graphic images and what is and is not acceptable in their use are contained in this document. Templates for many regularly used items are available on the Intranet site (only accessible within RCCD's network) and through the District Printing and Graphics Center. Any questions as to an application that is not covered in this style guide should be directed to the Office of Strategic Communications and Relations.