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Come Run with the Mustangs!
Norco College is committed to building a diverse team of employees with deep equity skills. We actively recruit around this goal, believing it makes us stronger in the following ways:

First, for students to engage with the College, it is important that they see themselves in our community. They need to find their culture on our campus with students and employees who look like them and have similar cultural backgrounds. This is an essential ingredient for student success.

Second, for our students to be successful as alumni, they need a high level of cultural competence. They need to be able to move in and out of multiple cultures. They need to understand and appreciate other ways of living. This is the world they will be working in, as such, they need to come to Norco College and experience as many different cultures as possible.

Third, Norco College is trying to affect change in our region and the entire country in certain areas. We will be much more prepared for this and effective in this effort if we have a diversity that matches the region and the country. In this sense, as our diversity rises, our effectiveness rises.

Finally, there is a persistent academic equity gap in the U.S. (including Norco College) that needs resolution. We are committed to eliminating this gap and are looking for candidates with similar ambitions and specific skill sets that can help us with this goal. A breakthrough solution in this area is desperately needed for the entire country. Millions of lives will be enhanced when this is fully addressed.

For these primary reasons, we are committed to recruiting and hiring individuals who can help make us a diverse team of employees with deep equity skills.