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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a first-time Norco College student, you will need to take Accuplacer Online within our testing center. The Assessment test will determine what level of English and math courses you need to take.  You must wait at least one to two working days after submitting your online admissions application before you can make an appointment online. The Accuplacer Online test takes about 1½ hours to complete.  New students will have to take the full test, English, Reading and Math. Some continuing and transfer students may have to take only the English or Math part.

Students must show photo identification to take the placement test.
State-issued ID/licenses, passports, IDs from other colleges and high school IDs are acceptable.


  • Please use your RCCD Student ID number to make your online appointment. You will receive your RCCD Student ID number in your email "Welcome to Norco College" letter from Admissions and Records.
  • If you learned another language before learning English, the Proficiency Test in English as a Second Language (PTESL) might be more appropriate for you. Consult the Testing Calendar before scheduling an appointment online.


If you have Accuplacer assessment test results from another college, you may submit them for evaluation if:

  • The test is the same one used at Norco College, called “Accuplacer Online”.
  • You took the test on or after 7/2/2001
  • Print out of results must be from the Accuplacer Online program and must include raw scores, not a print out from student records.
  • You will complete a form called “Matriculation Appeal for Outside Placement Evaluation”. This form is available either in Counseling or the Assessment Center during the testing hours of operation. The form must be completed in person by you at the same time you submit your results. Faxes are not accepted.
  • Assessment Center staff will evaluate your test scores along with multiple measures data you provide on the "Matriculation Appeal for Outside Placement Evaluation" form to determine your appropriate placements. You will be notified of your placements within five days.

Please note, placements will not always be the same as you earned at the other college. This is because scoring criteria is different from one college to the next.


One retest is allowed within a 5 year period starting from the original test date. 

  • Students may request a retest in the Assessment Center if: 
    • Placement results on file are over a year and a day AND enrollment into English, reading, or math has not yet occurred.
    • A grade of at least a “C” or “P” has been earned after completing an RCCD math or English course. 
  • Students can appeal to retest sooner if they can provide compelling evidence that the initial placement level is not an accurate reflection of their ability OR with proof that an appropriate academic intervention has occurred. Please visit the Counseling Office for assistance with the appeal process. 


  • Students may purchase a temporary parking permit at a Parking Pay Station in LOTS A or B and across the Library near College Way.  
  • Arrive for your appointment at least 20 minutes early.
  • Call Parking Services at (951) 222-8521/8522 with any parking questions/concerns.


  • Please keep in mind that due to state budget conditions, most RCCD departments are understaffed.  You may return during testing hours to speak with an Assessment clerk, times and dates can be found at the Testing Calendar page or leave a message at 951-372-7176. Upon leaving a message, students will be contacted within 24-48 hour of message retrieval.  We thank you for your understanding and apologize for this inconvenience.