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School of Social & Behavioral Studies

The Norco College School of Social & Behavioral Studies, through excellence in instruction, readies students to effectively navigate the increasingly complex, diverse, and globally connected world by providing them with knowledge of themselves, others, and the dynamic social environment. By means of hands-on exposure to scientific theory, research, and practice, the School of Social & Behavioral Studies strives to develop socially responsible students who are engaged and prepared for both work and continuing education in the social/behavioral sciences and related fields.





Area of Emphasis (AOE) - Social & Behavioral Studies








agray.jpg Alexis Gray, Ph.D.
Department Co-Chair
Associate Professor, Anthropology (951) 739-7828 HUM 107
ladams.jpg Laura Adams Assistant Professor, Psychology (951) 738-7732 IT 200K
cbuchanan.jpg Courtney Buchanan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Anthropology (951) 738-7767 HUM 106A
kbell.jpg Kimberly Bell Assistant Professor, Counseling (951) 372-7127 CSS 107
sburnett.jpg Sarah Burnett, Ph.D. Professor of Early Childhood Education (951) 739-7872 IT 200G
ldominguez.jpg Ladylyn Dominguez Assistant Professor, Counseling (951) 372-7155 LIB 114B
miliscupidez.jpg Marissa Iliscupidez, M.A. Associate Professor, Counseling (951) 372-7146 SSV 217
tkazsuk.jpg Tracy Kazsuk, M.A. Assistant Professor, Sociology (951) 738-7777 WEQ W2C
akramer.jpg Amy Kramer Assistant Professor, Counseling, EOPS N/A CSS 212
skyriakos.jpg Stephany Kyriakos, Ph.D. Associate Professor, History (951) 372-7167 THTR 202
lmartin.jpg Lisa Martin, M.A. Visiting Assistant Professor, Counseling TBA SSV 203
spopiden.jpg Sandra Popiden, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Political Science (951) 738-7754 PORT B 207
trussell.jpg Timothy Russell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, History (951) 738-7753 THTR 201
espurbeck.jpg Erin Spurbeck, M.A. Visiting Assistant Professor, Counseling TBA SSV 206
kzamiska.jpg Kara Zamiska, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Psychology (951) 738-7776 PORT B 203


Where can I go if I'm interested in a subject/ major, but I don’t know what to do with that major?

Where can I go if I'm interested in a career or job family and I want to learn more about it and the labor market?

Where can I go for more information regarding careers but I also want to see different state and local statistics for the labor market?

Where can I see what classes I'm going to need for major preparation to a specific public university? OR How can I check to see if a class is transferable to a CSU/UC?

CounselingCollege can be confusing and challenging. We are here to help you navigate the process, make the right choices and stay focused on your goal whether it's a degree, a certificate or transferring to a four-year college or university.

Make an appointment with a Norco College counselor:


mjurado.jpg Maria Jurado, Ed.D. Associate Professor/Counselor TBA SSV 206B
lmartin.jpg Lisa Martin, M.A. Associate Professor/Counselor TBA SSV 203



Norco College offers a host of services for students who are struggling financially and academically. Contact Student Support Services for further information.


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Counseling, in conjunction with various student service areas, created a series of educational resource videos to enhance your educational journey:



Norco College students can pursue an Associate of Arts or Science Degree in an area of emphasis or in one of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. The document below lists the Riverside Community College District associate degree general education requirements as well as the various “areas of emphasis” a student can choose to complete in order to earn their degree in that area. All associate degrees require a minimum of 60 degree applicable units.

If you will be completing an Associate of Science degree in a CTE program you will still need to complete the general education requirements, plus you will need to complete the CTE certificate requirements in a state-approved program of study of 18 units or more.

The mission of the Peer Mentor program at Norco College is to help students set and attain academic, personal, social, and career goals by offering a peer perspective.
Peer mentors serve as role models for persistence and success when representing Norco College to prospective students.
They also help new students acclimate to college life and support students through advising and mentoring.

Click here to download and fill out the 2017-2018 School Peer Mentor Application.





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