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 Welcome to ePortfolios


What is an E-portfolio?

E-Portfolios are a lifelong collection of academic and professional work all in one location. Use this portfolio to showcase your performance and course-created work from college. You will receive a unique ePorfolio URL that is yours for life. It will follow you through your courses at Norco College and beyond at no cost to you.

Epsilen Features OverviewWatch a brief overview
of Epsilen e-portfolio
and the features available


Steps to Sign up for your e-Portfolio

To sign up for a student electronic portfolio, go to:

  • Click Join Now
  • Step 1: Sign up using your Norco College email address
  • Step 2: Enter your basic details, click Student under Primary Role
  • Step 3: Choose who can view your email address. Click Register.
  • Step 4: Check your email to activate your Epsilen ePortfolio Account now.

Epsilen Features OverviewThis video will take you
through the steps to register
for your e-portfolio


How to use the showcase

Epsilen Features OverviewThis video goes over the details
of adding files to display in Showcase.


Download ePortfolio Handout