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Game Art: 3D Animation


The Game Art: 3D Animation program is designed to provide students knowledge and skills for an entry level job in the video game and animation industries; or for university transfer. Courses cover fundamental artistic preparation and animation principles, as well as industry standard production tools and techniques. Students are provided a foundation in traditional and digital art techniques, which are then applied to 3D Animation applications.

Required Courses

  • ART-17   Beginning Drawing (3 Units)*
    An intro to the fundamentals of drawing in a variety of media
  • ART-44A Beginning Animation Principles (3 units) Prerequisite: ART-17
    Intro to animation, including the history and the basic concepts of classical animation
  • GAM-31 Introduction to 3D Modeling (3 units)
    Students will be introduced to the concepts of 3D Modeling in a virtual environment
  • GAM-35 Introduction to Simulation and Game Development (3 units)
    An introduction to the field of simulation and computer gaming
  • GAM-42 Photoshop for Game Art & Animation (3 units)
    Introduction to Adobe Photoshop including mastery of digital image editing and techniques for painting custom textures for Game Art and Animation
  • GAM-44 Portfolio Production (2 units) Prerequisite: GAM-23, 32, 46, 48, 52, CIS-17B, 18B, or MUC-6
    Creative organization and presentation of a body of work exhibiting portfolio-quality aptitude
  • GAM-47 Introduction to 3D Animation (3 units) Prerequisite: GAM-31 or CIS-38A
    An introductory 3D animation course which applies classic animation principles to objects in a 3D environment
  • GAM-48 3D Character Animation (3 units) Prerequisite: CIS-38B, GAM-38B or 47
    An advanced 3D animation course that applies real-life action sequences to characters.
  • GAM-70 Computer Skills for Game Artists (1 unit)
    Students are introduced to fundamental computer concepts related to typical functions required of a game artist.
  • GAM-71 Perspective for Game and Animation (3 units) Prerequisite: ART-17
    This is a perspective drawing class which focuses on creating believable environments, both interior and exterior, through the proper implementation of correct one point, two point and three point perspective while setting up a dynamic composition
  • GAM-72 Conceptual Figure Drawing (3 units) Prerequisite: ART-17
    An intensive study of the human figure and animal anatomy in preparation for construction of 3D models for the Game Industry
  • GAM-79A Game Studio Animation (4 units) Prerequisite: GAM-48 or MUC-6
    This is the culminating class in the following areas: game art, game audio, game design and game programming. Students work in interdisciplinary teams to develop and complete an original digital game

Electives (3 units)

  • CIS-54A Introduction to Flash (3 units)
  • GAM-73 Storyboarding for Games (3 units) Prerequisite: GAM-71

* This class transfers towards one or more CSUSB or Cal Poly majors. Visit or the Counseling Office for details.

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For more information regarding certificate program, course sequencing or scheduling:
Judy Perry, M.S. Professor
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Norco College Counseling Department
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† An Associate of Science Degree in Game Art: 3D Animation will be awarded upon completion of the required courses (37 units) plus the General Education requirements. Please refer to the Norco College Catalog or visit the Counseling Center.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at: