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Social & Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences was established on the Norco College in Fall 2005.

The department is comprised of academic disciplines with the overarching goal of understanding the social life and behaviors of groups and individuals. Our disciplines take two fundamental approaches to reach our academic goal:

  • Social Science: disciplines with special concern for the structural-level processes of a social system and the impact of such social systems on social processes and social organization
  • Behavioral Science: disciplines that explore the activities of and interactions among organisms in the natural world through the systematic analysis and investigation of human and animal behavior in controlled and naturalistic experimental observations

The Department of Social and Behavioral Science at Norco College, explores our current understanding of the individual and social behaviors. From the philosophical roots of science to the functioning of the human brain, from small-group dynamics to markets, cultures, institutions, and norms in global contexts, our faculty and students strive to understand the dimensions of complex individual and social systems.

We invite you to further explore our website to learn more about our department and what we have to offer.

The Social & Behavioral Sciences Department at Norco College is home to the following disciplines:

  • Anthropology
  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Economics
  • Guidance
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


Peter Boelman, M.A.
Department Chair
Associate Professor, Economics (951) 372-7132 THTR 206
Alexis Gray, Ph.D.
Assistant Chair
Associate Professor, Anthropology (951) 739-7828 HUM 107
Zina Chacon, Ed.D.
Assistant Chair
Professor of Counseling (951) 372-7146 SSV 216
Laura Adams Assistant Professor, Psychology (951) 738-7732 PORT B 202
​Mejghan Ahmadi Visiting Assistant Professor, Counseling​ ​(951) 738-7738 SSV 203​
Khalil Andacheh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Sociology (951) 372-7026 HUM 120
Kimberly Bell Assistant Professor, Counseling (951) 372-7127 CSS 107
Sarah Burnett, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education (951) 739-7872 IT 200G
Ladylyn Dominguez Assistant Professor, Counseling (951) 372-7155 SSV 203
Nicholas Franco, M.S. Associate Professor, Counseling (951) 372-7134 SSV 208
Susanna Galvez Visitng Assistant Professor, Counseling (951) 739-7814 CSS 212 
Marissa Iliscupidez, M.A. Associate Professor, Counseling (951) 739-7860 SSV 206
Stephany Kyriakos, Ph.D. Associate Professor, History (951) 372-7167 THTR 202
Jethro Midgett Visiting Assistant Professor, Counseling (951) 738-7756 CSS 204 
John Moore, M.A. Associate Professor, Counseling (951) 372-7148 SSV 205
David Payan, M.A. Associate Professor, Counseling (951) 372-7080 SSV 204
Sandra Popiden, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Political Science (951) 738-7754 PORT B207 
Timothy Russell, Ph. D. Assistant Professor, History (951) 738-7756 PORT B201 
Dimitrios Synodinos, M.A. Student Activities Coordinator (951) 372-7125 CSS 107
Deborah Tompsett-Makin, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science (951) 372-7161 HUM 119

For any questions, problems, or concerns, please contact the department chair.