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Talented Tenth Program (T3p)

The Talented Tenth program (T3p) is designed to increase academic success among all students at Norco College with an emphasis on the African-American population. A major key to student success is through fostering a sense of community.  Through the linking of academic, social, and cultural offerings, the Talented Tenth Program aims to promote student success as well as to develop leadership skills in its members.

With courses focused on the African-American experience and literature, T3p welcomes any interested student regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. The following is a sampling of courses offered through T3p:

  • English 60A/60B -- English Fundamentals (condensed into a one-semester experience)
  • English 50 -- Basic English Composition (African-American Focus)
  • English 1A -- English Composition (Emphasis on African-American Argument)
  • English 1B -- Critical Thinking (Analysis of African-American Literature)
  • Guidance 48 -- College Success Strategies
  • Guidance 47 -- Career Exploration/Life Planning

T3p works with the Black Student Alliance (BSA), which focuses on community service and helps provide students with an opportunity to participate in social, cultural and public service opportunities at Norco College and in the local community.

T3p provides services and resources to members in the form of additional counseling services, mentorship and priority registration.

For more information contact:

John Moore

T3p Counselor
(951) 372-7148

Lisa Nelson
T3p Instructor