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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

As a means of achieving Strategic Goals, the College adopted Strategic Planning Processes to ensure that institutional planning, unit/program review, and resource allocation are all fully integrated. These Processes, the Strategic Planning Implementation Process and the Norco College Prioritization Process, are incorporated into the Strategic Planning Cycle.

  • Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement and Success
  • Goal 2: Improve the Quality of Student Life
  • Goal 3: Increase student access
  • Goal 4: Create Effective Community Partnerships
  • Goal 5: Strengthen Student Learning
  • Goal 6: Demonstrate Effective Planning Processes
  • Goal 7: Strengthen our Commitment to our Employees
Norco Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan & Process
Norco Facilities Master Plan
Facilities Master Plan
Norco Distance Education Plan
Distance Education Plan
Norco Tech Plan
Technology Strategic Plan

Program Review

Organizational Charts