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Associated Students of Norco College (ASNC)

The Associated Students of Norco College (ASNC) is the official legislative body responsible for the establishment of an effective student government.  The duties and responsibilities of the ASNC are but are not limited to: recognize the inherent rights and responsibilities of self-government, represent student interests, rights and concerns, sponsor events and stimulate student awareness and involvement in the many academic, cultural, social, and community opportunities available at Norco College, as well as provide college, local, and state wide representation for the Norco College student body.

Executive Cabinet

ASNC President  Robbie Bishara

Vice President – Timothy Huneck
Senator – Raul Recendez
Senator – Crystal Schenkel
Senator – Jason Zamora

Vice President – Christopher Castillo
Senator – Ricardo Hidalgo
Senator – Vacant
Senator – Vacant

Campus Activities:
Vice President – Maria Barragan
Senator – Daniel Gitau
Senator – Sara Trujillo
Senator – Vacant

Campus Relations:
Vice President – Vacant
Senator – Myles McKendall
Senator – Preety Talwar
Senator – Vacant

Campus Organizations:
Vice President – Kevin Hayes
Senator – Bryanna Novelo
Senator – Cherise Ortiz
Senator – Adam Talbart

Meeting Schedule (During the Fall and Spring Semesters)

ASNC Executive Meeting:
Date: Every Monday
Location: CSS 216
Time: 3:30 pm - 5:30pm

ASNC Senate Meeting:

Date: Every Friday
Location: CSS 219
Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

ICC Meeting:
Date: Every Tuesday
Location: IT 117
Time: 12:50 pm-1:50 pm​

Norco College Campus Events Calendar