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Parking Rules

Official Board Policy

Regulations for Policy AP 6750, Parking

All RCCD parking regulations and California Vehicle Code laws shall be enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the following College and District rules and regulations will be in effect:

Visitors, Volunteer, Vendor and Customer Parking

  1. Visitors to the college shall park in the white-striped student stalls, in metered parking, or marked timed spaces, wherever available.
  2. Visitors may obtain a temporary parking permit from the Department of Safety and Police, Parking Services at (951) 222-8522 or the Norco College Safety and Police Department.
  3. Special parking permits for individuals, who are volunteering service to the District, may be issued by DSAPPS and will indicate which parking areas the volunteers may use.
  4. Vendors may optain a vendor permit from DSAPPS.
  5. Norco College may charge a reasonable per vehicle fee for special event attendees.
  6. No District/College Department shall issue any parking permit without authorization from DSAPPS.

Metered parking

  1. Metered parking areas are located in various Norco College parking lots. Instructions for usage of parking meters are posted in and around the area.
  2. Fees for metered parking are as follows: $1 for 1 hour, $3 for 4 hours, and $5 for entire day. 

Student Parking Lots

  1. Student parking stalls are designated by white painted lines or signage stating they are for student use.
  2. Staff and vendor parking permits are valid in student parking areas.
  3. Suspension of citations for non-permit parking in student lots is up to the discretion of the Norco College president and may include:
    • Pre-set registration dates as advertised in the Norco College Schedule of Classes;
    • Graduation ceremonies;
    • Convocation;
    • Some special events.

Staff Parking Lots

  1. Staff parking stalls are designated by yellow painted lines or signage stating they are for staff use.
  2. Any grace period(s) will be identified at the start of each semester by DSAPPS and communicated to employees.
  3. Permits may only be used by the employees to whom they are assigned and are not to be shared with any other District employee.
  4. Employees may not park in spaces reserved for specific individuals.

Parking for Handicapped Persons

  1. Only vehicles displaying a current, valid disabled placard or license plate may park in a designated handicapped parking space.
  2. Disabled placards and plates are only considered valid when the person to whom it was issued is driving or is a passenger in the vehicle.
  3. In addition, such vehicles must display a current Student, Staff or Visitors Parking Permit.

Motorcycle Parking and Displaying of Parking Permits

  1. A current parking permit is to be displayed on the left front fork.
  2. Motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking areas only.

Purchasing Permits

  1. Staff parking permits may be purchased at the Norco College Student Services offices.
  2. Student parking permits may be purchased at the Norco College Student Services offices or through WebAdvisor.
  3. Permits will be available on a semester and/or yearly basis.

Waiver of Fees

The following categories of individuals shall be provided free parking permits:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Foundation Board of Directors
  • Emeriti
  • Members of community groups and public officials so designated by the Norco College President.

Fee Schedule

  1. Automobile
    • Fall and Spring Semesters: $50.00
    • Summer Intersession: $25.00
    • Annual (staff only): $125.00
    • Carpool Fall and Spring Semesters: $35.00
    • Carpool Summer Intersession: $15.00
  2. Motorcycle
    • Fall and Spring Semesters: $15.00
    • Summer Intersession: $10.00


  1. The Riverside Community College District Police Department has primary responsibility for the enforcement of all Norco College parking regulations and California Vehicle Code violations.
  2. The Norco Police Department may also enforce these regulations and, in turn, assist the College Police staff when necessary.

Refunds and Replacement of Parking Permits

  1. Should a class be canceled and it is the only class for the student, a 100% refund of the permit fee will be made.
  2. Students who officially withdraw from all classes in which they were enrolled before the start of a term or before the refund deadline, will receive a 100% refund of the fee.
  3. Prior to the refund deadline date, and upon request, staff members and students, who inadvertently pay for a permit which is not needed, will have the fee refunded in full.
  4. Students, who drop on-campus and retain off-campus classes, will receive no refund.
  5. If a parking permit is lost or stolen, an Affidavit of Lost or Stolen Parking Permit must be submnitte3d to DSAPPS for consideration.
  6. Meter permits and/or time purchased at a meter are non-refundable, unless is can be shown that the meter is malfunctioning.