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Welcome to the Norco College Online Admission Application
Please see below for important dates, deadlines, and application information

Important: Only new and returning students are required to submit an online admission application. Continuing students who enroll in classes during each major semester (Fall or Spring) DO NOT need to re-apply.

To accommodate late starting classes, the application period for Spring 2015 has been reopened between March 20 – April 10, 2015.

Upcoming Terms and Deadlines:

Term Term Dates Application Deadline Submit application and complete A.O.C. (if applicable) by date below to receive a registration appointment according to the new Order of Registration.
Summer 2014 Jun 23 – Jul 31 June 8, 2014 (Midnight) April 23
Fall 2014 Aug 25 – Dec 12 Aug 10, 2014 (Midnight) June 24
Winter 2015 Jan 5 – Feb 12 Dec 21, 2014 (Midnight) October 29
Spring 2015 Feb 17 – Jun 11 Feb 2, 2015 (Midnight) December 17

Individuals who meet any one of the following criteria are eligible to attend Norco College:

  • Have graduated from high school or
  • Have passed the CA High School Proficiency Exam or
  • Have passed the GED examination or
  • Did not graduate from high school but are 18 years of age or older
  • Are eligible high school students who are admitted to the John F. Kennedy Middle College high school program or to the High School Concurrent Enrollment program
  • Are international students who have satisfied specific international student admissions requirements

Norco College Home College Location:
By completing this application, you are establishing Norco College as your designated home college. Norco College is one of three colleges in the Riverside Community College District, which also includes Riverside City College and Moreno Valley College. Your home college location is where you will receive most services including Assessment, Counseling, Student Financial Services, CalWORKs, EOPS/CARE, Veterans’ Services, and Student Support Services. You may only submit one application for any college in the district, per term, by the application deadline.

**Students may enroll in classes at any of the three colleges in the Riverside Community College District, regardless of home college location.

When will my application be processed?
Online applications are processed in 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. After you submit your application, a confirmation e-mail will immediately be sent to the email address you supply on your application. You will receive a follow up email approximately 3-5 business days later with important information including your RCCD Student ID number and next steps to enrollment.

NOTE: All JFK and other concurrently enrolled high school students must obtain their RCCD ID number and WebAdvisor Login information in person from Admissions and Records.

High School Programs

John F. Kennedy Middle College & High School Concurrent Enrollment Deadlines:

Term Term Dates Application & Approval Deadline
Summer 2014 Jun 23 – Jul 31 April 14, 2014
Fall 2014 Aug 25 – Dec 12 June 16, 2014
Winter 2015 (JFK ONLY) Jan 5 – Feb 12 October 27, 2014 (JFK ONLY)
Spring 2015 Feb 17 – Jun 11 December 8, 2014

John F. Kennedy Middle College:
John F. Kennedy Middle College High School, part of CNUSD, is located on the entrance of the Norco College campus. Designed to encourage students to pursue post-secondary education, JFK students receive access to enroll in college courses while completing their high school requirements. While many students take a few classes in an academic year, past students have earned their Associate degrees before receiving their high school diplomas. Please visit the JFK page on the Norco College Website for more information.

High School Concurrent Enrollment (HSCE):
Effective Fall 2014, minor high school students who are capable of benefiting from advanced scholastic or vocational work, are classified as highly gifted and/or talented, or are seeking educational opportunities not otherwise available to them, may be eligible for admission to Norco College as a special student.  For more information please visit our High School Concurrent Enrollment page.

Important Updates/Information

  • If you are a permanent resident, or in California on a non-student visa, make sure you complete the residency information completely on the application, including your resident alien number and the dates on your green card or your visa. Incomplete information may result in your being charged non-resident fees or having to provide additional documentation.
  • If you are an undocumented immigrant student, you may qualify for in-state tuition at Norco College if you meet the AB540 requirements.
  • First time College students are required to complete an AOC (Assessment/Orientation/Counseling), and First Semester Ed Plan on WebAdvisor before they may register for classes.  College students, who are new to Norco College/RCCD but have attended another college, may skip this step.  
  • Students planning to graduate from Norco College, or needing to use courses from another college/university as a prerequisite, must submit all official transcripts.
  • Norco College offers special programs such as Game Audio and Game Design that may require you to submit an additional application. Please contact the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department or visit their website for more information.
  • Student Support Services may be offered for eligible students. Please visit the website for more information.